Do It Yourself

It’s a little difficult to get information online about a few things, especially Brahma Vida Ashram. A friend of mine is developing a website for Gandhi’s Sevagram Ashram, but in the meantime:

  1. Sevagram Ashram. The auto drivers at the train station will know where to go, probably at ~150 rupees. Otherwise, take a right on the main road, and walk 3 km (take the bridge up to the left when it seems like the road splits, and keep to the left on the flyover if you’re confused). After 3 km, bear right at the major intersection (clusters of stalls, restaurants, etc.), follow the curve, and you’re there!
  2. Brahma Vida Ashram, a.k.a. Paunar Ashram. ~7km from the train station or ~ 4 km from Sevagram ashram by auto. The drivers are most likely to recognize “Paunar Ashram”.
  3. Majnu Ka Tilla (Tibetan neighborhood of Delhi). Take the yellow metro line towards Jahangarpuri to Vidhan Saba. You’ll need to take a rickshaw the rest of the way — 30 for an auto, 20 for a cycle. A cycle rickshaw will go against traffic at the last moment to bring you the whole way. The auto will drop you off at the footbridge, and you’ll cross to Majnu Ka Tilla, which is on the other side.
  4. McLeodganj is one of three neighborhoods/towns that form “Upper Dharamsala” in Himachal Pradesh. The other two little settlements in the cluster are Dharamkot and Bhagsu. The Dalai Lama’s residence and temple is in McLeodganj.
  5. Gangotri can be reached by local bus or shared jeep from Uttarkashi. Closed during the winter when the roads are impassable. The twisting dirt road is a harrowing/awesome experience. There are two ticket  stands/windows in Uttarkashi at the main road cluster where the buses wait. The difference between them is unclear, although I think it may divided over when the buses leave….
  6. Amritsar, Golden Temple. If they say the (foreigners only and no foreigners elsewhere) dorm room is full, it may not be true. Even if it is technically accurate, you can sleep on the floor.


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