What Next?

To be determined.


Nov 1:

I actually don’t know.

The plan ended with the workshop. The moment the last girl waved goodbye and closed the door, my co-facilitator and I sat down to discuss and reflect. During the conversation, I realized and communicated that basically, from that moment, my life was unscripted. I knew what I could do, as there are an infinite number of choices for every day, but I had no official plan, no commitments.

It was a unique feeling, standing at a single point and knowing that the future could take any form, that I was truly free to do any number of things. Considering the speed at which I can pack and the lightness of my bag, I could have left almost immediately.

We have been invited to Mumbai and Pune to reproduce the workshop on a larger scale, which means redesigning the structure and adjusting the content. This means that I will be in India longer than I planned. I do not know when I am leaving, or where I will be in a few days.

But right now, I am in the Tibetan neighborhood of Delhi, sheltered by a different community, resting and writing.


The timeline is unclear, but these are the countries.



Plus side trips to Cambodia, Laos, and Bali

China is out. Too much time with Tibetans.


One thought on “What Next?

  1. Do you know that New Zealand is not in any continent? Also, it kinda sucks that you can’t post anonymous comments on Flickr, so here it is “Oddly familiar” for http://www.flickr.com/photos/climbingsunward/6170561240/in/photostream

    Posted by The Dude | December 29, 2011, 7:53 pm

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